An Intro Guide to Brick Sealing

Anyone who wants to build a brick wall, or any construction worker needs to know how to properly seal brick walls. Fortunately, Christopher Darden uploaded a video on his Youtube channel called “How To Properly Seal A Brick Wall” where they describe all about the process so their followers can understand it easily. Let’s find … [Read more…]

What is Prestressed Concrete?

Video Source Concrete is a common construction material. While it can handle compressive force extremely well, it’s a brittle material that has no strength against tensile force (stretching out). Rebar is used to support concrete against tension forces. To optimize the rebar, it should be stretched out, creating what is known as prestressed concrete. When … [Read more…]

How to Support Concrete

Video Source Concrete is one of the most common construction materials for a reason. It’s a sturdy material that can hold a lot of weight without failing. However, concrete does have a weakness that builders need to be aware of. This is where rebar pipe comes into play. This video explains the weaknesses of concrete … [Read more…]