Best Ways to Prevent Leaky Shingles

Every homeowner fears roof leaks. Check out our list of the top ways to avoid roof leaks in your house if you’re a homeowner seeking the best preventative measures. Regular roof maintenance is one of the greatest methods to prevent a leaky roof.

Consider hiring a qualified contractor to do routine roof inspections.

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These people are trained to search for issues that an inexperienced eye could miss. They’ll pay close attention to sealing around vent stacks, skylights, and chimneys. All sealants must be reliable and resistant to possible leaks.

Moss can develop on the roof beneath your shingles when trees and plants encroach too closely on your house. This gives water access to your roof’s substructure and the area underneath the tiles. Installing zinc strips could help prevent moss from growing on your roof. Try to place your trees and plants far from your house.

Don’t forget to consider better ventilation. A functional ventilation system will aid in maintaining airflow to your roof and keep the underside dry and safe. Think about installing wind anchors on your roof. They are put in place around the edge of your roof and provide the structure of your house with more support.

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