Buying Self Defense Insurance

With no personal experience involving self defense insurance, the narrator has not mentioned it much in the past. The video explains how it is their preference to recommend services and products they have used themselves to maintain their integrity. Self defense insurance looks like gimmick insurance to some gun owners.

Video Source

This is especially true when one is highly trained in firearm handling. Proper training alleviating the need for gun use is a recurring theme in the video. Avoiding unnecessary draws and only using force to save lives mostly gets rid of the need for self defense insurance.

Skepticism Over Self Defense Insurance

Skepticism manifests about self defense insurance, and the estimated legal fees associated with a discharge incident, however justified, adds to the cynicism. Determining the merit of self defense policies requires proper research. Some self defense insurance policies outrank others and research helps get customers the best deal.

Considering the proliferation of weapons in the United States, it may merit looking into. Help with legal fees when one must defend either their own or a loved one’s life would go a long way. Estimates put the average legal cost at a million dollars. However, everyone must decide for themselves. This may heavily depend on their carrying habits.


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