Can You Use a Home Remedy to Get Rid of Termites?

Termite are some of the most destructive and irritating pests you can have in your home. Often, homeowners don’t know that they have termites until the structure of their home is compromised in some fashion. Not only are termites costly and inconvenient, they can also be downright dangerous. Losing wooden structure in your home means you are risking collapsing walls, broken ceilings, and unstable wiring jobs. Termite control can be found in several different forms, but some methods clearly are more effective than others. Before you call the local termite pest control company, check out these home remedies that may prove effective in banishing the harmful termite from your home.

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First of all, you can use salt water to drive away termites from already affected areas. Simply mix some salt into some water and soak a cotton ball in it. Then, place the cotton ball on top of the affected furniture. You can also use boric acid, a chemical compound usually used to treat infections, to fight off termites. This acid is commonly found in insecticides. If you mix boric acid and sugar, you can leave it in small bottles around the affected areas. This remedy will also get rid of ants and cockroaches!


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