Common HVAC Repairs and Cleaning

Many homes across the United States use an HVAC system to properly control the temperatures in their homes. What most homeowners fail to do however is give their system the proper maintenance it needs in order to properly function. Understanding common HVAC repairs and cleaning can save people money, as well as help homeowners avoid hiring contractors for manageable issues.

Start with the proper tool for the job. You will be a 5/16th and a quarter-inch nut driver in order to open the system.

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Some systems may only rely on hand-tightened fasteners, so the driver may not be needed.

The first step you should take after opening the HVAC is to turn off the gas and electricity. The electric box will either be attached to the box, or somewhere nearby. Knowing where it is is essential to avoid any unnecessary harm or electrocution during the maintenance process.

The next step is to check the air filter. A lot of the time if it seems the machine is not functioning properly, it may just be due to the air filter being too dirty. Replacing the filter is a small fee, and will need to be done whenever it has become too visibly dirty.

For additional information on HVAC repairs and cleaning, please review the attached video.


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