Garden Like a Pro: Ritters Garden & Gift Starts 8-Week Gardening Course

On Wednesday, Feb. 4, Ritters Garden and Gift in Spokane kicks off its eight-week “Brown Thumbs” Professional Gardening Course.

Each Wednesday from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. throughout February and March, students can learn how to garden just like the professionals. Instructors will discuss a different gardening topic in each two-hour session.

The first session, on February 4, will cover seed starting and saving, so students can start their gardens this year and gather seeds for next year’s garden, too.

Subsequent courses will help students maximize the space of their gardens; identify, treat and control pests and plant diseases; grow plants in raised beds, containers and patio gardens; use proper pruning techniques; and learn what foods to grow and how to can or freeze them.

Students will also learn about gardening methods that will help them extend the growing season. For example, the courses will cover basics such as when to water plants (in the cool early morning hours for the best results; watering later in the day can contribute to the proliferation of insects, fungal diseases, or greater amounts of water lost due to evaporation).

Upon completion of the course, students will receive a $50 gift card for Ritters and a certificate to show that they can garden like a pro.

Classes will be held in-store at 10120 N Division St. and will cost $150 for the entire series.

To register for the course, participants can sign up in person at Ritters or call the store at 509-467-5258. More information is available on the store’s website at