How Cemetery Markers Are Cleaned

Cemetery markers or headstones serve as memorials preserving the memory of the ones we love. Cleaning the cemetery marker yearly will prevent grime and keep it looking fresh. Here is how to clean a cemetery marker.

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For marble cemetery markers, soak the stone’s surface with water. Doing so will maximize the effectiveness of a cleaning solution. Mix one part ammonium hydroxide with four parts water to remove any biological growths on the stone. Use a soft-bristle brush to apply the soap and water mixture and rub in a circular motion to avoid cracks. Rinse with clean the water. A great tip is to keep the headstone wet.
Granite cemetery markers will follow the same process as that marble stone. The difference is that we use non-ionic detergents instead. The mixture combines five parts of water and one part of detergent. Apply the solution to the headstone with a soft brush and use orbital motions to minimize damage. Finish with a rinse with clean water. Cleaning cemetery markers should be done every two years.
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