How to Care and Maintain Stucco

The video talks about stucco, its history, and some of the most effective ways to maintain stucco. Stucco has been in existence for a very long time. The ancient Greeks created it, and people adore it for various reasons. They appreciate its luster and its unique visual appeal.

Additionally, people like it because it’s somewhat resistant to insects and fire and can also quiet outside noise. The downside of stucco is that it’s generally brittle and can develop cracks if the homeowner doesn’t maintain it properly.

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A small degree of cracking is normal. However, anything more than 1/15″ may need repair.

One of the biggest problems with stucco maintenance is water exposure. That causes the quickest and most horrid degrading of the product. Therefore, homeowners must do everything they can to prevent their stucco walls from extended water exposure.

Rock edging should be well maintained to dissipate water splash-up from roof runoff. Also, the flower beds should be kept at least 4″ below the base of the person’s stucco walls. Additionally, troughs should be pruned regularly to maintain at least two feet of clearance off the walls. Another tip is for people to be careful when placing yard ornaments near stucco walls. They should be far away enough that water will not bounce on the walls if the rain falls on the ornaments.


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