How to Get Creative With Custom Crystal Awards

Explore the world of breathtaking crystal and glass awards. According to the video, the artist is an elite artist whose work is found in the homes of the famous and successful worldwide. For instance, Barack Obama, several other presidents, CEOS, and the Pope.

These awards are created by Jan, who created the concept and sculpted the glass and crystal with his hands. The materials seem to gleam with his passion for making them by pushing the limits that stop more traditional artists.

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The awards take the shape of something significant for the receiver. Examples include beautiful flowers, birds, buildings, and sports pieces. For example, the “Guts and Glory” crystal football. Another excellent award created is the “Pepsi Award” More crystal, and glass finished pieces are “Morning Glory,” “Three Wishes,” and “Light my Fire,” among others.

Additionally, pieces can be created with photos and etching to celebrate personal milestones. Get creative with custom crystal awards for any occasion, including a beautiful home display.

By visiting the website at the end of the video, more options and information for brilliantly beautiful custom crystal awards can be found.

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