Minecraft Mod Takes a Whole New Perspective on Portable Storage

Minecraft storage use to really only involve chests. In more recent updates, Minecraft storage now includes barrels, item sacks, and even donkeys. That is right, you could have a donkey carry items for you. You may even create a chest minecart to send your items far away. If you are good at redstone, you could make an item elevator to transfer items quickly vertically.

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These are all great ideas. Yet, Minecraft mods open up even more possibilities. To get started, you will have to choose on of the excellent Minecraft server hosting companies such as Bisect Hosting. Some mods add virtual storage of items. Other items add different storage devices for liquids such as tanks. However, one mod in particular took an interesting take on the idea of mobile storage.

The mod in question is known as the Living Chest mod. It is for forge 1.16.5 with plans to update to 1.18 in the near future. From the very start of the video you can tell that there has been a lot of attention to detail put into this mod. If you take a bone and place an eye of ender diagonally next to it in a crafting table, it will create a eye staff. This staff can then be used to summon a living chest. A living chest can be opened by right clicking and items can be deposited or taken out. The chest will also happily follow you around like a dog.


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