Replacing a Fallen Seawall

Seawalls are manmade structures that protect the coastline from being eroded over time. They also protect property from the tide or flooding in general. If you have a seawall on your property that has fallen, it may need to be repaired or replaced. Seawall failing isn’t uncommon since these structures are subjected to a lot of stress over time. Here are a few tips for replacing a fallen sea wall.

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Since seawalls are designed to keep water out of an area, dealing with a fallen sea wall often means dealing with water infiltration. If your sea wall has let water behind it, you’ll need to secure the area and pump the water out before replacing the seawall.

Once the water is removed, you can access the full structure to make the repairs or replacement as needed. If you’re replacing the seawall, you’ll need to work in sections and protect the area from the water as you go. If you can’t keep the water out, don’t remove it in the first place. Just remove the fallen seawall, replace it with the new seawall, and then pump the water out from behind the new structure.

Although replacing a seawall can be a daunting project, your new seawall will prevent erosion for years to come.

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