What Does a Retaining Wall Do?

Spring is finally here, and it’s time to start sprucing up your yard for the outdoor parties that summer is sure to bring! If you are looking to do some hardcore outdoor landscaping, then you should start planning as soon as possible. Hardscapes like a patio or retaining wall are growing increasingly popular, so why not include a classy hardscape detail to your landscaping design? A patio has an obvious purpose, but what does a retaining wall do, and how does it work? Well, this video gives us a brief rundown or when you should have a retaining wall and what it can add to your yard landscaping look.

First of all, retaining walls are usually built in order to class up an outdoor hill. They also are built to elevate flowerbeds and add a professional element to a yard.

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The retaining wall has three parts, the stem, toe slab, and heel slab. A retaining wall is inserted deep underground in order to keep it steady and prevent the barrier from moving around. Retaining walls are built to keep a landscaping element secure, while also adding a timeless look to an outdoor space.


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