What is an Exhibitor Insurance Program?

There are three basic types of coverage for exhibitor insurance: liability, personal property, and cancellations or disruptions. You will need this coverage if you run a business that relies on presentations and public interaction.

Show venues require a certificate on the insurance of up to one million dollars. Some organizers and the platform in question may ask to be included in the program. They do so to protect themselves from adverse situations.

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This is the coverage of a special event that focuses on incidents that may occur at a trade show where you are exhibiting. For example, a fire may arise from an electronic component in your stall, someone may trip over fallen items from your shelf, or you could knock over another exhibitor’s tent.
Alternatively, you could purchase a temporary exhibitor insurance program for a specific event. Getting insured requires prior planning and early application to ensure all crucial areas of your business are covered.

An exhibitor insurance program protects your business against substantial financial hits that could cripple operations.

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