What You Didnt Know About Wastewater Storage Tanks

This video is about the type of tanks used in water storage and storing water for household or office use. It’s about the size of water storage tanks and if they’re up high or underground. The topic of this commentary is wastewater storage tanks, though, but we’ll add a word about water tanks according to Master Water Specialist John Woodward.

Storage Tanks For Wastewater

Wastewater isn’t only an unpleasant bathroom scenario. Wastewater is draining dishwashers and washing machines.

Video Source

It’s the shower washing soap away. It’s the soapy water from washing cars. This is “gray” wastewater and comes from
hair and nail salons, restaurants, repair garages, and laundromats.

Next is “black” wastewater resulting from unpleasant bathroom scenarios. This is treated differently from “gray” wastewater and goes into a dedicated tank. This tank is specially constructed and lined with glass fused to the steel so the acidic content of the wastewater doesn’t corrode the tank.

How Wastewater Is Treated

Purifying wastewater for reuse embraces physical, chemical, biological, and filtering processes. Any solids, sand or sludge are removed. The water is then chemically and biologically cleansed, filtered one more time, and then it’s deemed clean enough for reuse.

Municipal wastewater storage tanks are massive. They’re generally above ground and contain pumps like other water tanks. They’re made of materials that won’t disintegrate under adverse conditions. That’s how Mr. Woodward’s water tank explanations pertain to wastewater.


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