Why Buying From A Reputable Source Helps The Economy

Buying cheap concert tickets is tempting, but unless you’re buying your event ticket from a reputable source, you may be damaging more than just your bank account. Though it might seem like your fake ticket was a chance transgression, counterfeit products really do add up.


Here’s why buying fake event tickets hurts your bank account — and the economy.


It hurts the music industry


When you buy a counterfeit product from an unreliable source, you’re not only hurting your own bank account by buying a faulty product, you’re depriving the hardworking individuals of their well-deserved cash. The music industry employs more than 138,000 people in Texas alone. Unless you buy from reputable sources, this money doesn’t fund the events you come to see. If this kind of action continues, events will slowly fizzle out.


It hurts your community


Reputable sources require a mandatory tax fee that goes back to the government and, therefore, your community. These taxes seem frustrating at the time of purchase and it might be enough to make you go to another vendor. However, these taxes are necessary if you want quality, functioning roads and revenue filtered into your local schools. It also supports your local hospitals, government jobs, and other forms of infrastructure that lead to job growth within the community.


It supports illegal activities


When you buy from counterfeit sources, you’re ensuring that other people will do the same thing. Because there is a market for counterfeit event tickets, the sales will continue. If people stop purchasing from unreliable vendors, however, the market for counterfeit goods will dwindle. By buying from your local entertainment venue, you’re helping the crime market go down.


It adds up in the end


Even though buying a fake, cheap concert ticket online seems like an occasional bad judgment call, these actions are performed every day against honest consumers across the nation. This hurts countless individuals and the hardworking people who have worked hard to put this event together, including the venue, the performers, and the merchants selling goods. When you want to see the great live music Laredo TX has to offer, you should only buy from Ticketmaster.com or at the box office of the music venue.


True music lovers will want great, cheap concert tickets that directly help the music venue, the performers, and their community. When you want to see the great upcoming concerts Laredo TX has in store, check out the calendar at our site today.