You Can Now Add Rats to Your Minecraft World

If you have ever wanted to add rats to Minecraft, you now can. There may not be many rat lovers out there, but they can now be appeased. These furry little creatures can now be found scattering around your world across biomes and height levels. If you have a Minecraft server, they may even be scurrying past your friends’ toes. If you don’t have a Minecraft server yet, boy are you missing out.

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There is nothing better than playing Minecraft with a small group of friends. Imagine going on adventures together, building houses, and slaying dragons. It doesn’t get much better than that. Yet, it can if your dedicated Minecraft server has near 100% uptime and you have remote access to servers. This is why MelonCube is a popular option for many inhabitants of this fantastical world.

Cave Rats add four varieties of rats to Minecraft. They all seem to behave the same and only look different. However, they certainly do liven up the world. They can also be killed for their hides. One rat hide can be crafted into one string. Similarly, two rat hides can be crafted into leather.


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