3 HVAC Tips

In this video, you will learn about HVAC contractors. Here are three secrets that HVAC contractors won’t tell you. It seems like there are competitors who don’t want to tell you.

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What are the three things that you should know? First thing is that he has noticed in his industry is that some companies boost their prices when they are busier. If it is a super cold or super hot time of year, they might way overbid a job. Watching a contractor keep a fair price is the best thing. It will harm your business if you do this. In the past, companies have beat their prices. As a homeowner, you want to deal with a company who will be honest with you. A lot of HVAC contractors don’t want you to know this. If companies don’t have batteries in their thermostat, the company might charge for this. This is actually a shady practice. A lot of thermostats don’t operate like a smoke detector would. There are a lot of batteries that cost a lot. Some thermostats will not work if they aren’t hardwired. On a hot summer day, you don’t have air conditioning, this could give a contractor an easy way to get more out of you.

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