A Checklist for Fire Door Inspections

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NFPA Inspections ensure that buildings are up to date on necessary fire-prevention measures. The fire door is a crucial part of the fire prevention system. This video explains how to make sure your fire doors are up to code for your next inspection.

Fire doors prevent fires from spreading, contain smoke filled with harmful chemicals, and provide routes of egress from a building. You need to make sure that there are labels that clearly mark the door. You also need to make sure the door doesn’t have any holes in it.

The door frame and hardware need to be in working condition, too. They will be inspected from all angles and the door will be tested to make sure it shuts properly and seals. There cannot be any missing parts. If there are, they need to be replaced as soon as possible.

The clearance around the door is also measured to make sure that the door will seal off fires properly. Use a ruler or measuring tape to make sure you are within the NFPA limits. The door also needs to have functioning springs and closing mechanisms.

For more points on fire door inspections, check out the link in the video above.

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