A Day in the Life of Stone Masonry Services

Being a stonemason is quite an eventful profession. From preparing work sites for stone setting to creating a cost estimate and sending out invoices, no day is devoid of noteworthy events. Adrian Sims, the business owner of CBS Stoneworks, a stone masonry service, documents a day in his life as a stonemason in the YouTube video, “A Day In The Life with STONE MASON BUSINESS OWNER.”

Adrian Sims’s first stop-over was the Royal Beige homes. He and his crew applied the finishing touches to a home using Hudson Bay ledge stone and scaffolding for support.

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Sims and his crew ensure that safety measures such as lanyard usage and proper scaffold attachment are practiced to mitigate the chances of an accident.

Next up was the Mill Bay homes, where Sims and his crew handled the stone veneer finishing for columns, chimneys, hot tubs, flowerbeds, private dog runs, and flower beds. The flower beds were constructed with concrete and finished with stone veneer. Weeper holes were also created to allow easy passage of rainwater into the flowerbeds.

Sims considers stonemasonry a rewarding job and is also an avid fan of the English soccer club Manchester United.


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