Are You Using the Right Paint Roller?

Painting professionals have all sorts of tricks up their sleeves. It is not just more paint either. There is a lot that you can learn from them to make your your newly painted room the best that it can be. For example, believe it or not, the type of roller you use on your wall will make a big difference on the end result.

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Paint rollers are classified by the length of the bristles along the roller. This is important because different bristle lengths work better on different surfaces. For example, longer bristles are better on rough surfaces with a lot of texture. These long bristles can really get into the cracks and spread the paint well. Paint rollers come in three sizes ranging from short, medium, or long. It is important to choose the right length for the best finish.

When it comes to painting the surface, paint carefully so that you don’t miss a spot. It helps to overlap rolls by an average of 45% to ensure no spot is missed. However, don’t be afraid to go back over certain spots if you need to as long as they have not dried yet.


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