Hispanic Cuisine 101

If you live in America, it can be hard to see how vast the hispanic food distribution is around the world, and how the flavors of Mexico have influenced the culinary world all around us. Hispanic food is one of the most popular go-tos for Americans, and is universally recognized as one of the most delicious international food categories. Hispanic food puts an emphasis on beans, rice, cheese, corn, and spicy flavors. In this video, we will look at some of the history behind hispanic food and how it has truly changed the culinary world.

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Salvadorian dishes are most known for centering around corn products, and their dishes tend to be more mild. While el Salvador stays away from the spicy food, they use plenty of plantains and eggs in their dishes. In Cuba, it is common to see a ton of seafood dishes. Not many chili peppers are involved in Cuban cuisine, but they love to combine meat and vegetables in creative ways. Finally, Mexico has several regions known for their individual flavors. Mexican food offers tons of heat, and a variety of spices. Though each community does food differently, one thing’s for sure: Hispanic food is unforgettably delicious.


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