Bathtub Refinishing Process

Bathtubs get a lot of use and need to be refinished over time. The bathtub refinishing process isn’t too complicated and you should be able to do it on your own. Today, we are going to discuss the bathtub refinishing process.

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The first part of the process requires you to remove all of the different pipes and knobs from the tub. These will get in the way of refinishing and make it much harder. Once the pipes are gone you can get started with the sanding. Sanding makes sure that the tub is smooth and there are no chips. If there are no chips or cracks on your tub at the start of the process, you may not need to sand it.

After the sanding is complete you can start to clean it. When you are cleaning the tub you are going to get the best results using a sponge. Make sure to scrub hard so that the tub is shining when you finish. There are different kinds of tub polishing products that you may also want to use.

Once you are finished cleaning or polishing the tub, the process is complete. If you don’t have the tools necessary, you may want to find a professional who can do it for you.


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