Roof Myths Debunked by Metal Roofers

After it has entered the attic, water may easily move along the rafters and any other horizontal surfaces, making it impossible to pinpoint where the water first entered.

It’s possible that you’re attributing the problem to your roof’s shingles, but the water might really be entering your home through a chimney flashing that’s been damaged or through one of the many other entrance points on your property.

Over time, a property may have water damage if its shingles are damaged in any way, including being missing, cracked, or otherwise compromised. If a warning sign is disregarded, a little leak may gradually turn into a much larger one, causing a lot of harm along the way.

An ice dam is another potential source of water seepage into the structure. Ice dams are produced when snow continually melts and refreezes as it moves from the warmer areas of the roof to the colder portions of the eaves of the structure. Because of the ice dam, water may become trapped behind the shingles.

It’s possible that you’re having problems with leaks on your roof because the shingles don’t have an ice and water underlayment put below them. Utilize our helpful instructions to devise a plan of attack against ice damming this winter.

Residential roofing businesses know how to perform asphalt roof restoration, and know the best asphalt roof shingle brands. They also know how to handle asphalt roof shingles with cooling granules. If you have an asphalt roof with cooling granules, give us a call.

People don’t use metal roofers in their homes because they are more common in barns and industrial buildings. That said, the narrative is changing for many people. As a result, they have started installing metal roofers.

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According to industry experts, metal roofers are a durable and aesthetically-pleasing option for homeowners. But there are several myths and misconceptions about metal roofers:
Metal Roofers Are One Particular Style
In this video, the narrator concurs that they have believed this myth before but goes on to debunk the myth. Most people only know about galvanized metal roofers, otherwise called corrugated roofs, but there are several other roofers, such as galvalume and stamped metal.
Metal Won’t Perform Well in Extreme Weather Conditions
The narrator in the video debunks this myth by saying, after installing a metal roof for a client, they called back after a year to tell him the roof survived an intense hail storm. Not only that, the client was the only one in their neighborhood who didn’t have to replace their roofers.
Metal Roofers Are Noisy
Experts have debunked this myth because roofers can be insulated underneath, and clients can also find stone-coated metal roofers.

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