Check Out This Geographically-Accurate Minecraft Server!

Minecraft is a game that keeps giving surprises to its players, as now there’s a new server far different from the rest. Regular Minecraft players understand the importance of creativity and discovery in the game, and this server offers a new sense of discovery. This server is based on the world and tries to be as geographically accurate as possible.

These new Minecraft servers let you explore the world without leaving your house, as it features all the continents and countries while keeping it fun. These SMP Servers offer new adventures to follow and other outstanding community events.

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Explore the entire world alone or with friends and find new adventures on the road. These SMP servers have a friendly community with great players ready to make friends. These servers are free, meaning you don’t have to spend money to join them.

Be part of the fun and crazy activities made by moderators, and enjoy the PvP zones where experienced players show who’s best. This new SMP server expands the adventure and fun that Minecraft already offers its players while giving a brand new experience.


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