The Processes Behind Rockfall Mitigation

Natural disasters are tragedies, but in some cases they are avoidable. Rockfalls, in particular, are common and dangerous. Fortunately, with rockfall mitigation, it’s possible to predict and reduce dangers. That said, managing, containing, and preventing rockfalls takes a lot of work and you’ll probably want to consult with geotechnical experts, geologists, and other industry experts.

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So what causes rockfalls? From rocks to mountains, gravity pushes things downward. Clumps of rocks that are stable today may eventually become unstable and tumble, especially if those rocks are at the top of a slope. Over time, rainfall can erode surfaces and weather can move rocks. Eventually, those rocks may slip and cause a serious rockfall.

Human activity, like construction or tourists climbing slopes, can also cause rock falls. Spotting potential rockfalls can be difficult. However, experts know what to watch out for and can often identify danger zones. This could involve testing rock density and measuring other metrics.

Likewise, rockfall mitigation can be put in place to reduce the risk of rock falls and also to reduce the damage caused if rocks should fall. Containment ditches and rockfall nets are often used. That said, the specific measures that should be deployed will depend on your situation.

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