Choosing The Right Paint Roller is Crucial

If you are thinking of painting a room soon, don’t sleep on picking up a good paint roller. A good paint roller will make all the difference. However, why do they come in so many different sizes. In this video, you will learn why professional home painters use different rollers.

Each roller has a unique purpose. each one has a situation in which it thrives.

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For example, a long-bristled roller is great for surfaces with a lot of texture. The long bristles allow the paint to penetrate deep into those crevices. Meanwhile, a short-bristled brush is great for smooth surfaces. It makes the paint go on smoother and avoid unnecessary texture from longer bristles. Officially, the different lengths of bristles discussed here are called nap lengths. The most common lengths of naps are a quarter inch, three eighths inch, and one inch. Another difference between rollers is the handle length. If you are painting a tall ceiling, you will need a roller with a long handle in order to reach the ceiling. Lastly, make sure to avoid cheap rollers as they are likely to break too quickly. With all of this newly acquired knowledge, you are ready to choose the right roller for you.


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