Clay Car Models Are Used In Wind Tunnels

Clay is a versatile material that can easily be molded into different shapes. Historically, it has been used in pottery to make pots, dishes, and cups. However, it still has an important use in modern times. As high tech as modern cars are, the companies behind them are still using clay to model their cars. Watch this video to learn why. If you need auto brake repair, make sure to visit your local mechanic.

Clay models allow designers to visualize their design in scale right in front of their eyes. The malleability of clay also makes changes easy to make right then and there.

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However, one of the biggest benefits of a physical clay model is that physical tests can be run on it. For example, many cars are put through a wind tunnel to measure air resistance and drag. Downforce may also be measured. The idea is that cars need to have a sleek exterior body that redirects the air around the frame without creating much drag. Drag slows down the car resulting in slower times to speed up and worse gas mileage. In the design phase, car prototypes are not likely available yet. This is why a clay model is used instead. It is cheaper than producing an actual prototype in this phase. Plus, changes to the body can be made in minutes.


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