How Civil Curbs Are Made

As you walk around your city, you can notice all kinds of civil infrastructure. The most common infrastructure includes roads, sidewalks, and curbs. These paving structures are essential because they provide transportation options to many people either on foot or by vehicle. But have you ever wondered how they are made or installed?

Curbs, in particular, have an interesting installation process. While in the past, curbs were carefully shaped by paving contractors, there is a streamlined installation method used all over the country today: extrusion.

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Curb extrusion machines have made it easy for municipalities to make consistent, uniform, and safe curbs.

Extruded curbs civil infrastructure relies on can be seen in all kinds of cities. If you pay attention, you can see older styles of curbs in older parts of cities. Modern curbs are almost always extruded instead of shaped by hand.

If you’re interested in how extruded curbs are installed, the video posted above can teach you a lot about the equipment used and the process in general. It takes a specific set of machinery that requires a specific consistency of concrete to function properly. Generally, trained contractors are required to operate the machinery effectively.

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