How Does a Face Lift Surgery Work?

For many people, aging is not something they look forward to. The thought of having saggy skin can be depressing. Due to the aging process, the skin becomes saggy and wrinkled. Luckily, procedures like cosmetic surgery remedy wrinkles problem. Specifically, neck lift and face lift surgery will tighten the skin and reduce wrinkles for a youthful look.

As shown in the video, there is a significant change before and after the procedure. You will look younger, with firmer skin, and wrinkles will be a thing of the past.

Video Source

When undergoing face lift surgery, the incision is around the hairline, the ears, and below the chin. The skin is tightened and trimmed away.

Neck lift procedure, on the other hand, the incision starts from the hairline behind the ears towards the jawline and the neck. The process involves elevating and tightening the skin muscles and removing excess skin or fat around these areas. Facelift surgery helps people regain their self-esteem and improve their confidence. The skin gets firm, and people look youthful despite their age.


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