Is Coal Ash a Problem in Our Water Supply?

Coal ash is a bigger problem than many people really understand. It is a by-product of the use of coal in our current production and in many power companies. Coal ash waster water is something that often leaches out of the pits that it is contained in and then seeps into the groundwater where it makes its way to the water table and to the tap water of many residents.

Coal ash is a big issue. It can cause a huge range of health issues for those that are exposed, it can cause illness, permanent damage, and can even cause death in some cases.

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Coal ash can be cleaned from water, but it is a rather expensive and tedious process so many people are simply not able to pay for the cleaning and are not able to get their water safe. Coal companies are not required to clean the water that they contaminate and are not required in many cases to ensure that the ash pits are secure. Many ash pits that are currently in production are not lined, and therefore the ash is allowed to seep into the groundwater. Coal ash is something that we will have to deal with as long as our country depends on coal and other fossil fuels.


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