How to DIY Hose Clamps for Aircraft

Depending on the project you are dreaming of starting, there’s inevitably some tools you will need to achieve it. Hammers, screwdrivers, and electric drills often get the job done, but for more complicated projects, specialty pieces are in order. Jets and commercial airplanes are full of countless little pieces and parts, all of which are crucial to the final product. If you are thinking about becoming a specialty mechanic for aircraft, or simply pursuing your own personal project requiring an aircraft, then this video is a must-watch.

Hose clamps ensure that gasses and fuel do not flow out of cracks in an aircraft’s connector hoses. This is crucial, as a leak of oil, fuel, or gas can lead to a system failure in an aircraft.

Video Source

If you are experimenting with your own side project, aircraft type hose clamps are something you will have to incorporate to prevent issues. This video provides and process to make your own aircraft type hose clamps, but they are also available from bulk manufacturers. If you plan on making several models or prototypes of you project, then ordering bulk may be a better option than investing your time into each individual hose clamp.


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