Incredibly Unfortunate Roofing Situations

Installing roofing can be extremely difficult as it is. However, external circumstances such as storms, wind, and snow can up the difficulty to whole new level. Besides being difficult, these factors also make for dangerous situations for a roofing contractor. In this video, you will get to see some of these situations for yourself.

Video Source

One clip shows storm force winds bending trees. These are the types of winds where you should be taking shelter inside. However, the clip shows some roofers who are attempting to brave the storm on the roof. This was likely a big mistake as the winds are so strong that they are pulling pieces of the roof off. Now imagine these types of winds on a roof that has a steep incline. This can occasionally be the case. With a roof like this, one can quickly find themselves sliding off the roof until they grab onto the gutter. In one clip, a man this doing just this. He is dangling off the roof and holding on for dear life. Fortunately, he has a buddy that can grab the ladder and get him down safely.


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