Learn to Install Roof Shingles

The “How to Install Roof Shingles” clip helps people understand how to undertake a roof installation. You need to know what you are doing and the guidelines for safe installation. The first step in the project is to clean the surface area of all dirt, grease, paint, or any other material that can obscure application.

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The next step is to install shingles in straight lines. Rip up the roof deck areas above the site to be replaced with a shovel. Ensure you fasten down the new roof install shingles on top of the old. It would help to place new shingles exactly where you remove them from. This way, you will have a better seal and a more watertight roof deck.

It is vital to use galvanized, copper, or stainless-steel roofing nails when installing roof shingles. Avoid using aluminum nails. They can leak water after time, causing rust and other problems on the rooftop itself. It is also vital to install nails about three inches apart for optimum durability and stability. Also, avoid damage to surrounding plants when installing roof shingles.

Put roofing paper or protective tape on areas that may be affected by water damage, erosion, or where landscaping will be affected. It is crucial to ensure a solid seal when installing roof shingles to prevent leakage and rust. You can do this by starting from the bottom of the roof deck and working your way up, tightening sheets, and using the proper nails for maximum quality


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