Ultimate Guide to Fixing a Lawn

If you have more weeds than grass on your lawn, it might be time to give your lawn a fix. The Youtube video “How to Fix An Ugly Lawn” provides tips on how to give your lawn a fresh appearance.

First, it’s crucial to look at the larger picture before you start remodeling your lawn. Then, after you’ve replanted, taking a moment to find out what the issue is could help you prevent repeating it.

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For example, if your lawn is suffering from too much shade in certain spots, consider replacing sun-loving grass with soft surface coverings.

Next, apply herbicide to your lawn. You can start over if more than half of your grass needs attention. Then, spray the grass with an herbicide that will erase whatever vegetation it comes into contact with.

Next is to mow the dead turf days after you’ve sprayed herbicides. While it may seem counterproductive to scalp your lawn to rebuild it completely, modest mowing will help to prevent the dead plants from overshadowing your new lawn. Raking your lawn is what comes next after doing this.

Once you follow these guidelines, your lawn will stay clean and fresh.


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