Understanding Repair Services for Aircraft Components

Aircrafts require constant maintenance, which involves repair of both the internal and composite surfaces. Most experienced engineers view repairing the dings and dents in sheet metal airplanes as simple. When repairing, it’s important to assess the damage and know its extent. This will help one decide which strategy to use to repair it. To understand repair services for aircraft components, continue reading this article.

Repairing Composite Surfaces

Repairing a composite plane is complicated and challenging. One should be cautious when assessing the damage caused since one must also examine and determine the damage beneath.

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If the airplane is covered with fabric, look beneath it for any structural damage and repair it.

When doing repair services for aircraft components, they should repair the fabric with a few chemicals and a patch. This could take more time due to the cure time that adhesives and resins require. The plane suffers different types of wounds. One of them is the composite wound, which includes:

  • Disbonding
  • Delamination
  • Water intrusion

Simple Repairs

There are different steps involved in composite repair. They include the following:

  • Assess and detect the damage
  • Identify component
  • Remove paint
  • Design the repair
  • Obtain materials and tools
  • Remove the damaged area
  • Implement the repair

For additional information about repair services for aircraft components, please review the attached video.


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