Understanding Sea Survival Training

Have you ever wondered what goes on in sea survival training? If you are thinking about joining a sea rescue unit, it’s important to understand the type of training that you will need to go through. Trainees are required to practice swimming in a survival suit loaded with a survival kit so that they can appreciate the weight of the gear. They must also practice getting in and out of life rafts, maintaining a raft for a duration of time, and setting off flares to appreciate the hazards associated with them.

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Most of the training takes place in a very deep pool, which makes it possible to simulate a variety of weather conditions—from rough to calm seas. There is a jump platform, and trainees are required to leap from it wearing their full kits. The pool is big enough to put a rescue boat in the water and then create waves. The trainers can shut all the blinds to make it pitch black in the pool area to simulate a night rescue. This is an especially important exercise because the sea on a cloudy, moonless, and starless night is completely dark.

For additional information on sea survival training, please review the attached video.

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