What You Didnt Know About the Epoxy Process

Do you know anything about the epoxy garage floor coatings? Watch this video to find out. It is possible to transform your garage floor into a shiny, protective surface using epoxy garage floor coatings.

Your concrete floor should be dry enough to accept epoxy before proceeding.

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Epoxy will always bubble and peel off a wet slab, no matter what you do to try to prevent it.

Cover the slab with a sheet of plastic during the rainy season and let it sit for a week. To get rid of moisture under the plastic, you must first address the source of the leak. Before then, do not apply epoxy to the floor.

The solution lies in using paint with anti-slip properties on garage floors. The amount of epoxy needed to fill larger cracks can be two to three times that for smaller gaps.

Make thick putty with the epoxy by adding paint thickening such as cabosil to the mixture to fill in cracks.
To ensure uniformity of the chips on the epoxy garage floor coating, distribute them by hand.

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