Shingle Installation Guide

Installing shingles is a major part of roof installation. You wouldn’t have a functioning roof if it weren’t for shingles. They are what keep the wood and your ceiling dry underneath.

Video Source

Thankfully, shingle installation is not the difficult part. In this video, you will see how easily shingles can be installed.

You will need a few things before you get started. Make sure you have a solid ladder, nails, gloves, a hammer, shingles, felt, and drip edge material. Of course, you will also need safety gear as well such as a harness to keep you firmly planted on the roof.

Start by placing the drip edge along the edges of the roof. This is an important step to protect the siding of your house from mold and mildew. Next, you will roll out felt across the entire roof. This felt should then be nailed down periodically until it is secure. It does not have to look nice because it should be entirely covered by the shingles. Speaking of the shingles, that is the next step. Lay them out and nail them down until the whole roof is covered in shingles. Make sure that they are overlapping properly so that no material underneath is visible.


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