What You Should Know About Band Instrument Rentals

Most parents may wonder about their band instrument rental options. Whether they already know that band instrument rentals are an excellent option for their family or just starting to learn about them, this post, plus the video below, has crucial information regarding band instrument rental.

Why Rent?

There are several reasons why parents of high school band students opt to rent their instruments instead of buying them. One reason is that their child may not be interested in the instrument after graduating from high school.

Video Source

Another is cost—renting an instrument can be considerably less expensive than purchasing an instrument. And renting an instrument allows the child to test out different instruments before deciding which one to play.

What’s the process?

The process for band instrument rentals depends on which company one chooses to rent from. Still, it generally involves filling out a form online, then picking up the instrument from the company’s store.

Some companies charge a deposit and require a credit card number on file, although it does not require either. It is cheaper to rent an instrument than to buy one, especially if one is not sure whether they’ll stick with playing the instrument or not. Contact home for more details!


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