Whats the Best Spot for an HVAC Mini-Split System?

When it comes to getting cool air conditioning on a hot summer’s day, nobody wants to sacrifice convenience. When you are switching over to a mini-split HVAC system, there is no clear-cut way to know exactly where to install each of your units. After all, you can have upwards of 5 different outlets for your system, and choosing exactly where to install the units is one of the most importance choices regarding your installation. Before you jump the gun and have your units installed wherever you think they would look best, you should consult the professionals at ac repair companies and get their insight for the perfect spot for your new HVAC mini-split system. This video helps to give an overview of the most common and useful installation spots.

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Most professionals will recommend you install your new ac unit at least 7 feet above the ground level in any given room. This helps with the air circulation as well as easy maintenance. It is also recommended that you don’t install your ac directly above where you will be sleeping, due to the chilling effects that you may get with the air being so close to you.


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